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The people who have sensitive stomach may have some problems with their stomach after having eaten. It makes one sleepy. It is harmful for hemorrhoids.


Vacuumed yoghurt is consumed. If it causes some problems in the stomach, honey yoghurt, mint and thyme are steeped and drunk.


1. Strengthening the body: Thanks to the minerals it contains, it strengthens the body.
2. Healing the digestion system: Yoghurt can be digested easily. It facilitates digestion.
3. Beneficial for bones: Thanks to the milk acid and sugar it contains, it facilitates the use of milk salt and lime in the intestines.
4. Relaxing the nerves: Since it is rich in vitamin B, it is useful for the nervous system. It softens the organs. It relieves the resistance in the nerve.
5. Keeping fit: Since the amount of carbohydrate and protein it contains is equal to each other, it keeps fit.
6. Anti-aging: Eating yoghurt regularly has an anti-aging effect. It contains useful bacterium in itself. This bacterium prevents poisonous bacterium from reproduction.
7. Whitening the teeth: If the teeth are massaged with yoghurt, it both whitens the teeth and strengthens them.
8. Sunstroke: Yoghurt is mixed with salt and water and drunk.
9. Prevents headache: It relieves headache, muscle ache.
10. Kills bacterium: Its acidic water kills the bacterium in the digestion organs.
11. Kidney stones: Its yellow water dissolves the kidney stones; it stops stone forming in the kidney and the bladder.
12. Prostate: Its main material lactose increases urine and cleans the urethras from sediment.
13. Skincare: Yoghurt softens the organs, beautifies, and whitens the skin.
14. Embolism: Yoghurt prevents embolism and useful for liver problems.
15. Cholera: It is useful for cholera, typhoid fever and plague.
16. Hemorrhoids: It prevents hemorrhoids and cancer.
17. Alopecia: Yoghurt is mixed with egg and applied onto the hair.
18. Convalescence period: It shortens the patient’s convalescence period.
19. Arteriosclerosis: Eating yoghurt prevents arteriosclerosis.
20. Skin care: Eating yoghurt beautifies the skin.
21. Bad breath: Yoghurt is mixed with salt and water then it is gargled.
22. Liver: It strengthens the liver.
23. Jaundice: Half tea spoon of natural bluing, a glass of water and yoghurt are mixed together and drunk once a day during 15 days.


To eat yoghurt with radish at the same time may cause nutrition incompatibility. The best yoghurt is the one that is fermented on a tray and not vacuumed.